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                                          Our BA Shorts 2023:

                                          “Love ’Em or Leave ’Em”

                                        Finished its run Feb. 24 and

                                      The BACP is pleased to announce that

                                                                it was a success!!

                                                  We had great performances, great audiences          and great volunteers! 

AND, when the ballots were counted for the Audience Favorite, "If I Could Just Say Hello" had received the most votes. Congratulations to playwright Tim Hudson, composer and lyricist Jeremy Stephens, director Ron Friedberg and cast members Tom Berenson, Jan Simpson, Curtis Woods, Charmin Richardson and Kristin Bremer!

The six 10-minute plays included:

     “If I Could Only Say Hello” by written by Tim Hudson with music by Jeremy Stevens              and directed by Ron Friedberg

      “Just Do It!” written by Susan Apker and directed by Miriam Mills

       “The Last Supper” written by Kelley Childers Friedberg and directed by Ryan Mash

       “No Funeral” written by Rick Allen Lippert and directed by Samara Cain


       “Pick Nick” written by Daniel Hitzman and directed by Chester Beebe


       “Shoulders” written by Michael Wright and directed by Susan Apker


And, YES, we are planning to do it again in 2024!!                                

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