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BACP Original   
Short Play Festival
“Take a Leap”    
Performance Dates     
February 23-25, 2024   

  • Jordan Barrington 17, high school senior, daughter of

  • Ellie Barrington, granddaughter of Elizabeth Jeffries

  • Eleonora “Ellie” Barrington 40s, daughter of            

  • Elizabeth Jeffries, mother of Jordan Barrington

  • Daniel XL Peacock 30s, high school drama teacher at 

  • Edgemere Academy

  • Elizabeth Jeffries 70s, legendary Broadway actress,   

  • mother of Ellie Barrington, grandmother of

  • Jordan Barrington

  • HANK Alpha goose, skein leader, head of the gaggle,

  • wears a pilot uniform

  • GINGER HANK’s mate, stay-at-nest goose, wears an

  • apron

  • RYAN Offspring of HANK and GINGER, gosling who

  • is afraid to fly

  • FRIDA Offspring of HANK and GINGER, fledgling    

  • who loves to fly and dreams of leading a skein

      Liverworth an indignant, disappointed                PHILLIP 20s, male, Standard

              Lord; Cockney                                                                          British

        Llewelyn another Lord, a nice guy;                     VANESSA 20s, female, Standard                  Standard British                                                                       British

MRS. NEWSOM: Female, late 20’s to early 40’s,

     recently widowed; a woman of status.

ALEX: Male or Female, 30-60 years old,

     Mrs. Newsom’s attorney. 

JACK: Male, 30-40 years old, a college professor.

REPORTER/STUDENT 1: Male or female, young

     adult role. 

REPORTER/STUDENT 2: Male or female, young

     adult role.  

JUDGE/BUS DRIVER: Male or female, voice role.

     Does not appear onstage

     Bea Gruber: (f, 40+) A career-minded                               STELLA ADLER 

          woman with a high stress corporate job              KONSTANTIN STANISLAVSKI

      Ben Gruber: (m, 40+) A struggling                              LEE STRASBERG                  

          writer and Bea’s husband

     Marion Hoyle: (f, 30+) Ben’s mistress ​​

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