Covid-19 Regulations

Whether you are a patron or a performer with the BACP, your health is extremely important to us. Enjoying live theatre again means that we all have a duty to responsibly change our behavior with a stronger focus on public health and safety so we can continue to stay open and producing shows.

The BACP - in compliance with Oklahoma Arts Council guidelines - has been working on strategies, which we are now implementing to minimize the risk of COVID-19. Here is an overview of how we will be operating.



The BACP will require patrons to wear masks while in the building for the foreseeable future.

The BACP’s rehearsal cleaning and event cleaning regimens have been revised in line with Tulsa Health Department, CDC and other government agency guidelines.


Social distancing requirements are in place for each event. The theaters, lobby, promenade and stairwells will be managed to maintain adequate spacing and traffic flow through reduced capacity limits, signage, and separate entrance and exit routes.


BACP audiences will enter the lobby thru the doors on the left, proceed to the box office or “will call” table to pick up tickets and enter the auditorium thru the doors near the box office. Audiences will exit the auditorium thru the doors on the opposite side of the lobby and use the doors nearest the women’s restroom to exit the building.

PERFORMERS - Because we recognize that onstage and backstage areas have limited space, the BACP is placing very strong emphasis on protecting our cast and crew. Our minimum guidelines for cast and crew will involve:



All cast members will be required to be masked via face masks, shields, bandannas or scarfs during all rehearsals. Masks can be provided on request. All actors will be required to wear masks backstage when they are not performing. At this time, we do not plan to wear masks or shields during performances.


Hand sanitizer will be available in all rehearsal and performance spaces.


If a cast member is experiencing any suspected COVID symptoms, they must be immediately reported to the production stage manager assigned to the production. Those with suspected COVID cases will be recommended to stay home. The cast member will be allowed to return to rehearsal after 5 days of quarantine and no symptoms.


Before arrival Actors will be asked to prepare their hair and makeup at home. Upon arrival, they should be ready to put on their wig, and should bring only enough makeup or hair products for quick touch-ups. 


Any cast and crew members experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or having had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (within 5 days prior to the event) will not be allowed to perform. Cast will only enter the Playhouse through the stagedoor entrance, to check in.


Masks must be worn at all times, unless actors are on stage or in a rehearsal situation where it is not appropriate. Crew members will wear masks during all performances. Cast and crew members can bring and use hand sanitizer, which will also be provided by the BACP throughout backstage.

During pre-show prep, 30-minute windows may need to be scheduled for cast members to be in their assigned dressing room, get costumed and apply any wigs. Backstage areas and dressing rooms will be cleaned and sanitized each day. If individual mics are required, cast members will be assigned a personal microphone, and all mics will be sanitized after each performance.

Cast and crew members will maintain acceptable social distancing whenever possible.

Only those on the cast and crew list will be allowed backstage.

No visitors will be allowed backstage.