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The Cast Lists for

"BA Shorts: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em"

“If I Could Just Say Hello” by Tim Hudson with music by Jeremy Stevens

Directed by Ron Friedberg

Character's Name - Actor's Name

Ronald Campbell - Tom Berenson
Idealized Ronald Campbell - Curtis Woods
Elaine Roberts - Jan Simpson
Idealized Elaine Roberts - Charmin Richardson

Nurse - Kristin Bremer

“Just Do It!” by Susan Apker

Directed by Miriam Mills
Character's Name - Actor's Name

Pete - Christian Stubblefield
Lucy - Renee Ruiz
Coin - Andy Axewell

“The Last Supper” by Kelley Childers Friedberg

Directed by Ryan Mash

Character's Name - Actor's Name

Cybil - Kristin Blue Fisher
Joseph “Joe” - Jeff Jimenez
Elaine - Jan Kendall

Joanelle - Charmin Richardson

“No Funeral” by Rick Allen Lippert

Directed by Samara Cain

Character's Name - Actor's Name

Layla - Natasha Taylor
Jeff - Curtis Woods
Phillip - Jeff Jimenez

“Pick Nick” by Daniel Hitzman

Directed by Chester Beebe

Character's Name - Actor's Name

Vic - Bonny Hardgrove
Nick - Paul Henry
Gidget - Renee Ruiz
Gary - Everett LeViness

“Shoulders” by Michael Wright

Directed by Susan Apker
Character's Name - Actor's Name

Karla - Ericka Del Carmen
Klaus Young - Garrek Reed

Mr. K - Everett LeViness

Topher Stephens will Stage Manager all 6 shows.

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