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By Neil Simon

June 9-18, 2023

(Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30 pm,

Sundays @ 2 pm)

This elegiac memory play delightfully recalls the last time the Hines family gathered at their retreat in the Poconos. The summer of 1953 brings romantic entanglements that coalesce one idyllic afternoon; Burt Hines, mid-50s and convalescing from a second heart attack, eagerly anticipates the arrival of the ex-wife he still loves. Daughter Josie has just broken her engagement to a Harvard law student and pines for his buddy Ray, an aspiring writer with whom she once had a brief fling. Clemma, the black housekeeper at the center of the action casts an astute eye on the complications while facing her own unresolved past.

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