for the Ala Carte presentation of

Steve Cowen and Scott Brister's original musical, "Christmas in My Hometown," were held

September 25 and 26, 2022

Many roles have been cast, but there are still a few that need to be filled, and although this IS a musical, not all character HAVE to sing.

If you're interested, email your contact info to: bacptheatre@aol.com

This is a new, original musical about redemption and forgiveness in a small community over a span of three Christmases. The show is written by Steve Cowen and Scott Brister and will be directed by Don Tabberer, with choreography by David Rickel.

The cast includes 11 women, 20s-60s; 7 men, 20s-60s; one older teen girl; and 5 children, 8-13. We also need several people for the ensemble.

Performances are scheduled for December 2, through December 11, 2022; Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm.

"Christmas in My Hometown" is a fund-raising benefit for the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse, presented by Next Door Escapes & Entertainment.
Please prepare a song from a musical for the audition; a pianist will be available or you may use a track. Readings will be cold, from the script.
Rose Magness, 60s, Narrator/Wife of Harold; (SINGS)
Harold Magness. 60s, Parade Judge/Husband of Rose; (SINGS)
DeeDee Bicker, 30-50, one of the Bicker Sisters; (SINGS)
Carla Bicker, 30-50, one of the Bicker Sisters, lives on the block; (SINGS)
Judy Bicker, 30-50, one of the Bicker Sisters; (SINGS)
Ruth Bicker, 30-50, one of the Bicker Sisters, lives near Carrie Boyd; (SINGS)
Terry Boyd, 30s, Married to Carrie. Father of Courtney and Cody
Cody Boyd, 8 to 9, Son of Terry and Carrie Boyd
Courtney Boyd, Early teens, Daughter of Terry and Carrie Boyd
Carrie Boyd, 30s, Wife of Terry (SINGS)
Meredith Stanton, 30s-40s, executive of RK Investments
Russell Kingsley, 40s-50s, President and owner of RK Investments (SINGS)
Stan Taylor, 40s-50s, partner with RK Investments (SINGS)
Rachel Kingsley, 17-19, Daughter of Russell and Hope Kingsley (SINGS)
Hope Kingsley, 40s-50s, Wife of Russell (SINGS)
Brenda Toscani, 30s-40s, Best friend of Carrie Boyd (SINGS)
Grayson, 7 to 9, Cousin of Courtney and Cody Boyd
Laurie Cooper, 20s-30s, (SINGS)
Charles Cooper, 20s-30s, (SINGS)
Derrick O’Brien, 30s, (SINGS)
Valerie O’Brien, 20s-30s, (SINGS)
Tracy O’Brien, 8-10
Kimber O’Brien, 10-13

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Download and complete the BACP audition form here

Download and complete the BACP audition form here