International Festival 2013

Mont-Laurier, Quebec 


Seated Left to Right

Louis Wagner, Director Martha Cherbini, Karyn Lee Maio. Standing Left to Right Michael Barnes, Sally Barnes, Sandy Berenson, Tom Berenson. 

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THE GIN GAME by D.L.Coburn

BACP’s “The Gin Game”  had an amazing five years! The troupe first performed  the show in its entirety as part of our regular 2009 season,  took top honors at OCTAFest in 2010 performing the second act for the festival.  They added a five-state Regional trophy at the American Association of Community Theater Festival (Region VI) in Lewisville, Texas to their list of awards and acclamations.  That win entitled them to participate in the AACTFest 11 National Competition in Rochester, New York in June 2011. They were then invited to not one but TWO International Festivals. The first was the 6th Edition of Festival International deTheatre de Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Canada, held September 5-12, 2013 in which Tom Berenson was nominated for a Best Actor award and Karyn Lee Maio won the Best Actress Award. The second was the Liverpool International Theatre Festival May 14-18, 2014 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. The troupe received nominations in the following categories; Best International Production, Martha Cherbini for Best Director and Karyn Lee Maio for Best Actress. The Crew for the AACT contests included Bob Papisan, Joni Papisan and Louis Wagner. During the International Festivals the crew included;Louis Wagner, Michael and Sally Barnes and Sandy Berenson. 


DECEMBER 12-21, 2014

Tulsa! A Radio Christmas Spectacular” was originally commissioned by The Playhouse Tulsa (Courtneay Sanders, Artistic Director) and was world premiered by the company in December 2013 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Cody Daigle writes that he conceived the concept for “Tulsa! A Radio Christmas Spectacular after a discussion with Courtneay Sanders, they wondered if you could do a holiday show that celebrated all the feelings of the holiday — family, charity, hope, kindness, generosity — without being about Santa and presents.  They enlisted Tulsa cabaret artist Rebecca Ungerman to supply a few jazzy original tunes for the show and pianist Suzy Meredith-Orr crafted a hilarious and incredibly smart incidental score for the radio show. It all came together in a funny, touching and slightly musical evening of holiday goofiness. The BACP was proud to be able to bring this fun musical back to the stage for the 2014 Christmas season. Veteran BACP Director Jana Ellis assembled a stellar cast of BACP alumni and talented newcomers together to bring this show to our stage. The cast included;Sam Adkins, Jeff Goss, Crystal Lee Krachtt, Denny Meredith-Orr, Terry Michaels, Amy Neerman, Sarah Ragan, Sidney Rick, Karlena Riggs and Marla Taylor. 



OCTOBER 17-26, 2014


“BAD SEED” by Maxwell Anderson opened our 2014-2015 Season: “5 Shades of Crazy”. This show, just in time for Halloween, was fraught with psychological overtones - a sweet little girl, beloved by all, and her mother, who fearfully questions her own role in the child’s growing deviant behavior.  A gripping tale that asks questions about why we are the way we are, and what should we, or can we, do about it.   What happens to ordinary families into whose midst an ‘unusual’, perhaps evil, child is born?


After its initial publication, “The Bad Seed” by William March, became a best seller, a successful Broadway show, and a motion picture that set new ground rules for the thriller genre. In the decade the novel was published, juvenile delinquency began to be far more common, or at least more extensively reported and documented. Compared to earlier history, the idea of child crimes was a new phenomenon. A controversy about nature and nurture arose as psychiatric explanations were proposed for juvenile delinquency, with the debate being whether inborn tendencies ("nature") are more or less important than environmental factors ("nurture") in explaining aberrant behavior.


Director Martha Cherbini brought together a talented cast of BACP veterans and newcomers including; Brian Kuester, Olivia Kuester, Sarah Smith, Marla Taylor, Zane Harrison, Dennis Jones, Tricia Chambers, Ozzy Osborne, Chester Beebe, Cathy Woods and Tom Berenson.



RED, WHITE and TUNA by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard

AUGUST 7-17, 2014






GOD'S FAVORITE by Neil Simon

June 6-15, 2014





OKLAHOMA by Rodgers and Hammerstein

April 4-13, 2014





TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Christopher  Sergel

February 7-16, 2014





ZOMBIE PROM THE MUSICAL by Dana P Rowe and John Dempsey

November 1-10, 2013






August 30- September 8, 2013