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                                         Our 44th season

                                          "A Stage for Every Age"


                                                            The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder

                                       Directed by Frank Gallagher
                                            August 18-27, 2023
                                                 auditions June 19-20, 2023

Horace Vandergelder, a wealthy merchant in 

                                               nineteenth-century Yonkers, NY, decides to take a

                                            wife and employs a matchmaker Mrs. Dolly Levi.

                                                Dolly subsequently becomes involved with two of

                                                 Vandergelder's clerks, several lovely ladies, and the

headwaiter at an expensive restaurant, where this swift farce runs headlong into hilarious complications. After everyone gets straightened out romantically, Vandergelder finds himself affianced to the astute Dolly Levi herself.


The Girl on the Train by Rachel Wagstaff, Duncan Abel, Paula Hawkins

Directed by Tommy Cummings

October 20-29, 2023

auditions August 28-29, 2023

Rachel Watson longs for a different life. Her only escape is the perfect couple she watches through the train window every day, happy and in love. Or so it appears. When Rachel learns that the woman she’s been secretly watching has suddenly disappeared, she finds herself as a witness and even a suspect in a thrilling mystery in which she will face bigger revelations than she could ever have anticipated. Based on the bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins and DreamWorks film / Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel.

WARNING: Some Language May Be Offensive.


Grace & Glorie by Ron Ziegler

Directed by Martha Cherbini

April 12-21, 2024

auditions February 12-13, 2024

Grace, a feisty 90-year-old cancer patient, has checked herself out of the hospital and returned to her beloved homestead cottage to die alone. Her volunteer hospice worker, Glorie, is a Harvard MBA recently transplanted to this rural backwater from New York. Glorie is tense, unhappy and guilt-ridden, her only child having been killed in an auto accident when she was driving. As she attempts to care for and comfort the cantankerous Grace, the sophisticated Glorie gains new perspectives on values and life's highs and lows.

Always a Bridesmaid by Jessica Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten
Directed by Genie Reiman

June 7-16, 2024
auditions April 15-16, 2024

     In this hilarious comedic romp, four friends have sworn to keep the promise they made on the night of their Senior Prom: to be in each other’s weddings…no matter what. More than thirty years later, these Southern friends-for-life are still making “the long walk” for each other, determined to honor that vow. Libby Ruth, the hopeful romantic with the perfect marriage, believes—in spite of all evidence to the contrary—that her friends can find the very same happiness. Headstrong Deedra’s “rock-solid” union hangs by a thread when she discovers her husband of many years not only has a wandering eye, but the hands to match. Monette, flashy, high-spirited and self-involved, continues to test her friends’ love and patience with all-too-frequent trips down the aisle. And salt-of-the-earth, tree-hugging Charlie discovers—the hard way—that marital bliss is not the end of her rainbow and panics in outrageous style when the opportunity presents itself. Hop on this marriage-go-round for a laugh-out-loud journey with these beleaguered bridesmaids as they navigate the choppy waters of love and matrimony.


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